Keepsake Christmas Planner

A few years ago, just as the Christmas season began, I found myself a holiday hot mess: overwhelmed, frustrated, and downright exhausted.  There was so much to do to prepare-- gifts to be purchased, decorations to be out up, food to be made, cards to be sent... and there was so little time in which to do it all.  For the first time in my life, I was dreading Christmas-- and that made me incredibly sad.  I needed to do something.  I wanted to love & look forward to Christmas again.

I sat down at my desk one chilly evening in early December and I put together a homemade Christmas binder.  I filled it to the brim with lists, calendars, addresses, recipes, and reminders-- everything I would need to not only let me survive that crazy December, but to help me stay focused, stay calm, and actually enjoy it all!

That December was still busy.  There were still a million things to do, but I felt so much more prepared.  I wasn’t nearly as frazzled & I was able to take the time to cherish the little moments instead of rushing through them.  It was (& still is) one of my very favorite Christmases.

I designed the Keepsake Christmas Planner in the hopes that you would be able to calm the hustle and bustle that often comes along with the  holiday season.  To stay focused on the true meaning of Christmas.  To fully receive all the joy it brings.  To be able to look back on it fondly.  That’s my Christmas wish for you.

In the coming years, I want you to take a peek at the words you've written inside these pages.  I hope you can cherish and remember all the little moments and details (no matter how hectic, or how hustled).

Here's wishing you and yours a merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!